The Future is Now

For centuries man has dreamed about robot helpers – that day has arrived. Aeolus robotics is building a robotic platform to provide robot as a service (RaaS) to people at work and at home. Our robotic can autonomously assist people’s work in human’s open environment to increase convenience, productivity and happiness.

Aeolus RaaS for Industry

A peace of mind for Aeolus RaaS is “Fetch-Navigation-Delivery” and “Monitor-Decision-Alert”, the scope of works for “delivery” and “alert” can widely serve the industry in the field of elderly care house, airport, restaurant, security guard, industry part, campus and parking lot patrol.

Intelligent & Awareness

Thanks to our superior Artificial Intelligence, Vision, Navigation and Deep Learning technology, our robots are continuously learning every detail of your life daily work and independently improving how they serve you people.